QUADRI - Sociedade de Representações e Comércio Limitada, classified as small business company, was formed in June 30th 1970 as a limited partnership with four (4) stakeholders. In 1977 the partnership was reduced to two (2) stakeholders. From 2007 until 2018, Quadri Lda had only one (1) owner, José Manuel Faria Gonçalves Pita, who joined the company in 1974, after working four (4) year in another company in the same line of business. José Manuel Pita has accumulated a career of fifty (50) years in this area of business with a proven successful track record, being responsible for all marketing strategies. On 2019, a new stakeholder joined the company’s capital, Pedro Bastos (12,53%). Currently, the shares stand as follows; José Manuel Pita (87,47%), and Pedro Bastos (12,53%). Quadri within its fifty (50) years of activity with a proven high successful track record, is still one of the Portuguese major contractors/consultants, operating in the Portuguese Defense Market.
QUADRI, Lda has established itself as a leading consultant and contractor in the Portuguese Defence Market, being also staffed for each project, as required, by highly qualified technical professionals in possession of an impressive experience in the Army, Navy and Air Force areas.
QUADRI has an impeccable reputation in terms of business ethics, financial stability and efficient representation of its overseas customers. The hallmarks of QUADRI, Lda are: experience, capability, integrity and dedication.